When you are in the classroom, you are required to maintain decorum, not just for your sake but so that the whole class can concentrate on the lecture and assimilate well.

However, because lectures can be tiring at times or probably you were not chanced to eat before coming to class, you might feel the need to eat something while the lecture is going on. You need to do this without causing any distraction.

If you visit Collected.Reviews, you will find varieties of foods for students that you can choose from to eat in class. That being said, below are 5 best foods to eat in class:


Fruits are a great choice of food to eat in class because they do not require any preparation. However, you must know that there are only a few fruits that you can eat in class. You do not want to be the convener of flies while you are in class so be careful about the kind of fruit you bring to class. You should not bring fruits like orange or watermelon that are watery, or fruits can look messy when they are very ripe like mango and pineapple. You can slice apples before coming to class, just make sure that you eat it without distracting the attention with the sound of your teeth grinding the fruit.


Smoothies are easy to make and can be prepared at home. Get your fruit, ice, fruit juice, fruit blend, and other ingredients, throw them in your blender and prepare your preferred smoothie. Pour the smoothie into a container and keep it chilled till you are ready to leave for school. You can sip your chilled smoothie quietly in class without disrupting decorum. Apart from the fact that smoothies will not stain your hand and you can take notes while eating, smoothies are a healthy choice because of their ingredients.


Everybody loves sandwiches. It is eaten during lunch, after the close of school, and yes, it can be eaten in class. Though it is harder to prepare when compared to fruits or smoothies, it is very enjoyable. For your pleasure, feel free to add anything you want in between the sandwich and package it well so you can hold it in one hand and write with the other while in class.


This delicacy can be prepared at home or bought from a store. Muffins are also not as healthy as other foods , however, they are a very good choice of food to eat in class. Muffins can be prepared in a short time so you do not have to spend all day in the kitchen baking snacks.


Although it is not the go-to for nutritional meals. Granola bars are an awesome choice of food to eat in class. You can prepare it in very simple steps whether you want to bake or not. You also have the privilege of adding the ingredients to achieve your desired taste.

Before taking any food to the class, ask yourself if it will make a noise while you are eating. Any food that will disturb the peace of the class should be discarded immediately.

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