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Many health nutritionists in the UK have been experimenting with the connection food and nutrition has on students’ learning abilities.

The study focuses majorly on the importance of nutrition and the health benefits associated with proper nutritional planning in a student’s life, and how this is made manifest in their academic performances.

As seen from the opinions of users on, improved nutrition has the potential to influence students’ academic performances. Though, there is ongoing research to prove its authenticity. Yet, existing knowledge provides us with information that nutrition has a positive effect on our body.

Knowledge about the nutritional value of the food we eat isn’t limited to our homes or school cafeteria. For students that order food online, knowing the nutritional value of such food can be of immense health benefits.

Here are ways nutrition enables students’ performance.

1.  Nutrition Improves Brain Function:

Over the years, many studies have recorded that the nutritional status of our food content has the potential to affect the mental functioning and capacity of students. An instance is the decrease of dopamine transmission which is a result of iron deficiency. Deficiencies caused by the lack of vitamins like thiamine, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Iodine also inhibits cognitive abilities in students. Improvement of intake of food that has enough of these vitamins can positively influence the cognitive ability of students.

2.  It Promotes Better Behavior in Learning Environment:

With good nutrition, students can show up in school determined and prepared to learn. The improvement in nutrition makes the body healthier, therefore, the student is in a better learning state when they are not suffering from malnutrition and other side effects. This health improvement generally affects their relationship to their learning environment.

3.  It Keeps the Body Active:

An active body is a body willing to learn. School-aged children who find it hard to stay healthy due to nutritional concerns will find it difficult to be active in their learning process.

4.  It Promotes Quality School Outcomes:

Good nutrition influences the performance level of a student. When you’re adequately and constantly fed with the food with the required nutrients, you find it easier to engage in school activities that will spring forth positive outcomes.

5.  It Also Has The Ability to Hamper Learning:

Foods with poor nutritional value can cause body deficiencies for a student which weakens their body system and keeps them unfit from meeting up with academic requirements. Only a healthy body can undertake tasks and when the body is struggling to stay healthy, engaging in other activities is done passively or not at all.

6.  It Keeps School-aged Students Fit:

Nutritionists and dieticians recommend certain foods rich in nutritional value for students. These foods speed up the body system of students, preventing them from experiencing constant weakness which might, in turn, affect their health and academics.

Nutrition is of great benefit to the learning potentials and health of students. The presence or even the mere absence of it has major challenges it causes a student.