Benefits Of Sending Your Child to Daycare

It’s never easy to say bye to your child every morning, no matter how much you work hard for your job or your daycare center. But Relax, several studies have found that high-quality childcare, which includes regular interactions between caregivers and children, leads to good communication that pays off in various ways to your child. 

Backed by scientific evidence, Check out these unique benefits of sending your kids to Daycare that will make you a proud mother next time.

  • A child learns good behaviour.

According to a study, children who attend “high-quality, center-based child care” have better behaviors than those who do not. In addition, children who attended Daycare for more than a year had better social skills and experienced fewer peer problems. 

“Early access to high-quality child care can help children’s cognitive and emotional development, as well as prevent later psychological problems and promote prosocial behavior. So, for the sake of your child’s well-being, don’t think twice about sending them to Daycare the next time.

  • Reduces the risk of cancer

Children who attended a daycare center are less likely to develop acute leukemia than children who spent time at home. In addition, children who are not exposed to infections develop a strong immune system that fights germs later in life, leading to better health. 

According to other studies, children who attend Daycare or playgroups have a 30 percent lower risk of developing the most common type of childhood leukemia.

  • Your kid will become smarter.

Yes, daycare centres like Southwood Learning can help sharpen the brain of your child and also help them develop an overall personality. For example, in the daycare center, your children will get exposed to different personality traits, which will help them acquire diverse perspectives. As a result, your kids will learn many things which they can’t learn at home. Also, it will help your kids become more confident and face upcoming challenges in their life.

  • More likely to earn a university degree.

Infants engaged in high-quality child care services have a four-fold increased chance of earning a college diploma. They also spend more years of total education than their colleagues in the same age group.

  • Become more effective communicators. 

Adjusting your speech based on the person you’re talking to is essential to effective communication, and research shows that children in Daycare are more sensitive in this regard. As a result, daycare children have excellent communication skills.

  • Prepare your child to face challenges.

By offering indoor and outdoor areas where your child can take calculated risks and engage in realistic play experiences with their peers, the daycare environment will support your child in learning how to form positive and healthy relationships, gain coordination and balance, as well as how to handle pain, difficult conditions, and risks.


Daycare will help children acquire early skills and lay the foundation for socialization throughout their lives. Children learn important social skills more quickly while interacting with other children and adults in a safe, regulated, and well-supervised care environment.

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