How to learn skills using the internet?

Who said that learning has to be in class every day and face to face with the teacher? In this day and age, just study online!

Not only free of traffic jams, but online learning is also free of charge or free. There are seven skills that you can master via the Internet without spending money.

Mastering is of course different from “learn only”. If only learned, all skill can be learned online. But to master it, you will need money.

For that, all you need to do is to buy a wifi package from the Metronet internet provider. Besides being fast, Metronet internet also has an affordable price. It is suitable for learning online.

This time, I will provide a list of skills that you can master for free via the Internet. Not only the type of skill, you know, but there will also be site references that you can visit to master these skills through online learning methods.

By mastering these skills, of course, your chances of starting a side business are wide open. Want to know anything? Let’s see more reviews.

1. Musical instruments

Since the early 2000s, the online guitar learning method through tablature has become popular. Because tablature is much easier to read than sheet music, and the use of tablature itself makes it easier for a musician to write songs.

What’s licking? Those who are not in the band certainly don’t understand. Ngulik is the process of finding or finding a tone used in a song.

If you decide to study online for this skill, you can visit the Guitar Tabs or 911 Tabs site. You just choose which song you want to learn, and the tablature will appear. Practical right?

2. Audio Engineering

For those who want to explore the business in the music world, just playing music will not be enough for you. You must master audio engineering techniques so that you no longer depend on the studio for recording matters.

Audio engineering is also quite extensive, not only about recording studios. But also the technique of adjusting the audio for the needs of live music, you know.

Can you master this technique by studying online alone? Of course, it can. Just visit the e-Home Recording Studio site. They provide articles about the basics of an audio recording that you can learn.

3. Language

Language skills, especially English are also important to master because they will be useful for your career development.

4. Coding

IT or non-IT kids can also learn online to master coding skills for free. 

For those who want to work in the technology industry, you must master this kind of coding knowledge. Scientist Stephen Hawking once said that in the 21st century, computer programming has become the most important skill for today’s job seekers.

And don’t ever get nervous when you hear the word coding. Because according to Bill Gates, you don’t have to be a genius to be able to code. Simply by understanding the basic math problems of addition and subtraction, you can master this skill.

5. Cook

Regardless of women or men, cooking must be mastered. At least you can cook your own four healthy five perfect foods with the right taste, it doesn’t have to be so delicious.

If you can’t cook, why don’t you want to buy food? What if you suddenly have to live out of town or abroad for a long period? If you have food costs skyrocket.

Learning to cook online is not difficult and the only challenge is being lazy. You can find delicious recipes on Cookpad.

But if you want a tutorial on how to cook properly, all you have to do is visit Youtube and stop by a cooking learning channel, say let’s cook. Easy and free right? If you are good at cooking, there are even more business opportunities that you can start.

6. Write

Writing, regardless of whether it’s writing articles, letters of agreement, film scripts, news, press releases, or SEO, you can also learn online on the Internet. It’s not hard to find a website that can teach you how to write well. Just type in the google search field “how to write well”.

It is guaranteed that there will be sites that are ready to guide you to be good at writing. Most of these sites are personal blogs of someone who likes to write and share knowledge.

There’s nothing wrong with reading their writing. Who knows you may get valuable input.

7. Video editing

In this world of cinematography, you can master video editing through free online learning, you know. It’s different with the camera, where you need a companion to teach you to operate the tool.

One of the sites to learn to edit videos that you should know about is Premium Beat. The site contains tutorials on how to edit, add effects, to adjust audio in videos.

They will explain to you via blog. However, some of their blog articles are also accompanied by videos. It will make your learning process easier.

Those are seven skills you can master by learning online without spending money. Interested in mastering one of these seven skills? Stop wasting money on courses, unless you are after a special certification.

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