Coulson’s reply was easy, he gave Ward the opportunity to talk to him for three and a half weeks, having sat within the chair outside of his cell throughout that time, but Ward by no means spoke to him, so now it was too late for him to start talking. Ward replied saying that every information that he had given Skye since she started visiting him had been true, and that should imply something. Jemma Simmons returned to the laboratory following her argument with Leo Fitz with two cups of coffee to share, however she found Fitz speaking to Alphonso Mackenzie, who was complimenting him for a current discovery. Phil Coulson contacted Melinda May to inform her about his take care of Senator Christian Ward, having satisfied him to reverse his proposal to target every recognized S.H.I.E.L.D. associate in exchange for his brother, Grant Ward. May asked about Skye, who was current with Coulson in his workplace, and he or she personally assured she had obtained all the data she wanted.

Skye and Phil Coulson watched an interview given by Senator Christian Ward, Grant Ward’s brother, to WHiH World News about his position concerning the assault suffered at the United Nations Headquarters. Ward condemned S.H.I.E.L.D. for the attack, describing it as a terrorist group that ought to be prosecuted and punished.

The weapons used in the assault were originally designed by HYDRA scientist Vincent Beckers, Julien’s grandfather, and a member of HYDRA. Facing the fact he would by no means see Skye once more, Ward tried to persuade Coulson that the meaning of his assist was rebuilding his trust, as Ward considered himself nonetheless part of Coulson’s staff.

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Skye lost control of herself and shouted that her father was a assassin, a “detail” that he had not talked about, and Ward was glad that Skye discovered him. However, before their conversation could continue, Phil Coulson activated the soundproof and opaque mode of the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier to interrupt them. However, Simmons was unable to clarify the actual reason for her departure, and excused herself earlier than leaving the laboratory, coming throughout Alphonso Mackenzie, who entered to talk to Fitz. After some time, Simmons couldn’t discover any file related to the Splinter Bombs, and he or she seen that Fitz was absorbed into checking files about HYDRA’s technology from World War II. Skye provided herself to speak to Grant Ward so as to obtain information about his older brother, though Coulson suggested her to not let Ward focus the talk on her family.

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Coulson requested if being assigned collectively was going to be an issue for Hunter, which made Hunter reply if Morse said it would be an issue. Hunter entered Coulson’s office to ask him a quick query, and Coulson answered that they weren’t responsible for the attack, pondering he would ask the same query concerning the attack at the United Nations that Triplett and Simmons beforehand asked. However, Hunter was extra concerned about occurring a mission with Morse, his ex-wife.

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Simmons and Bobbi Morse approached Coulson, with Simmons asking if S.H.I.E.L.D. was really liable for the attack, something she did not believe, however she simply wanted to verify. Morse revealed the identification of the leader of the group that attacked the United Nations, Marcus Scarlotti, an murderer and mercenary that just about killed Clint Barton years before, and leader of a group of mercenaries that normally labored for HYDRA. Coulson theorized that Daniel Whitehall ordered HYDRA operatives to impersonate S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in order to turn the general public belief against the agency and divert the attention from HYDRA’s activities, in retaliation for infiltrating two undercover brokers within HYDRA’s ranks. Jemma Simmons and Skye’s conversation about Grant Ward was interrupted by Melinda May, who knowledgeable them of an assault on the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Simmons went on to advice Skye to watch out with Ward, something that Skye assured she was.


Skye descended to Vault D once more to ask Grant Ward for all info he had about her father, as Phil Coulson had left the ability and now they could communicate without being interrupted. Ward was worried that Coulson had gone t communicate to his brother, Senator Christian Ward, warning him that he would attempt to manipulate them, acknowledging that regardless of all he could possibly be, his brother was even worse. Skye complained, as Ward did not reveal any information about his brother, although Coulson was sure that he truly gave rather more than any of them thought. Before leaving the Vault, Coulson warned Skye that she should concentrate on her mission.