No more FOMO

Adult ESL learners often are more motivated in comparison with school students as they are straight for their goal. In other words: adults and older students know the exact reason for their learning a foreign language while younger learners may still consider it as a school subject and therefore – a must.

FOMO case

The fear of missing out is an alarming problem. The majority of adult ESL learners need English to achieve higher status at work and as a result gain new possibilities. In other words: they usually learn English for money. Other ESL learners study in order to speak English fluently abroad while the rest do it for their own self-esteem. No matter what the reason is, all of them may experience FOMO which is, among other things, the fear of not being up to date enough.

Somewhere else, without us

Be always up to date with modern English using ESL lesson plans and never feel the anxiety of losing any possibilites anymore. Crucial is that you realize that English is much more that what you managed to learn at school, be it a secondary school, high school, university or private lessons. What matters the most is what you do with your knowledge know.

Know more, get curious

ESL lesson plans may be used as extra materials at school but also by individual ESL learners for review. There is an existenstial depth in the uncertainty of ones abilities, knowledge and skills especially when it comes to career and the everchanging work market. Ambitions lead to personal development and ESL learners know very well how crucial languages are. In many work areas the better you know a target foreign language, the better your payment is and so are chances of promotion.

Dont hesitate

ESL lesson plans are available online 24/h and can be used even via your smart phone or laptop. What do you do drinking morning coffee? How does entertaining apps help you improve your English and why not changing them for quick ESL review sessions? All you need is to open a lesson that interests you or makes you feel not knowing enough. You dont need to print. Try to answer the questions on your own, complete the tasks and check online if you were right on them.

Discuss the boredom away

While planing visiting foreign countries you can improve your language skills discussing various topics with native speakers. You may practice English and find new friends at once. Once you open yourself to learning on your own, you are sure to never to be bored again, nor you will experience the infamous FOMO.