junior high school

Please contact your school administration or Charlene Lui, Director of Educational Equity, to request interpreters or auxiliary aids. If you need assistance accessing this website, or you would like to present feedback or report a priority, please contact our Communications Office, .

WJHS is a 7th and 8th grade building, serving roughly 775 college students. We are certainly one of two junior high schools throughout the Pocono Mountain School District.

In addition, The Parent Portal exhibits what number of times students have been absent in the course of the yr, any tasks or assignments that haven’t been accomplished or are missing, and other school info that parents may discover helpful. Eureka Schools Foundation Founded greater than 18 years in the past by a partnership of oldsters, neighborhood members, and local businesses, ESF supports the packages and sources which might be important constructing blocks to our students’ schooling and their future. …