TypeScript Playground

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Mackenzie agreed with Hartley’s reasoning, although Skye acknowledged the United States Armed Forces had no idea the hazard each Creel and the Obelisk posed. Hartley thought the potential danger was perhaps not well worth the risk of sending each available area agent right into a safe army compound, and Hunter pointed they may not even use the Bus.

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  • Melinda May was tasked with working the base while Phil Coulson took Skye, Leo Fitz and Antoine Triplett to a mission to Hawaii.
  • Jemma Simmons returned to the laboratory following her argument with Leo Fitz with two cups of coffee to share, but she discovered Fitz speaking to Alphonso Mackenzie, who was complimenting him for a current discovery.
  • However, Talbot did not trust Coulson’s words, as he had been kidnapped and tied inside a cell; Coulson continued his speech saying that many individuals have been underestimating HYDRA, but all remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. brokers had sworn to protect the innocent, including Talbot’s son, George.
  • Simmons observed Leo Fitz contained in the laboratory, so Coulson prompted her to talk to him.

About the Neighborhood Park Improvement Plan (NPP)

Leo Fitz, having survived Grant Ward’s try to kill him, spent nine days in a coma, with Jemma Simmons all the time by his side. When he finally awoke, he was unable to speak, and only looked at Simmons with confusion over what occurred. On his first evening at the Playground, Phil Coulson was unconsciously pushed to the storage room where the door carved with what John Garrett described as the Words of Creation was situated. Coulson examined the writing, then took a knife in order to carve the symbols himself.

Bernie’s Beach Park – Playground

Coulson revealed to Koenig and Alphonso Mackenzie the explanation he licensed such a risky mission, that would have ended S.H.I.E.L.D. as soon as and for all in the event that they failed. As the mission was being fulfilled, Koenig informed Coulson that the alarms of the power had been activated, and the probabilities of their brokers being captured or killed had been very excessive. Skye contacted Coulson to tell him that while Isabelle Hartley had obtained the Obelisk, touching it triggered a reaction that might kill her. Despite the situation, Coulson ordered his agents to not abort their mission and proceed as planned.

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